Blue Ridge, Georgia is a spot that everyone should put on their vacation bucket list. It’s located not too far from the city of Atlanta, Georgia’s more popular city, however offers just as much of a memorable experience. It is an old but evolving town that embraces the life that arts and culture brings within the community. Located in the South, the weather is warm and enjoyable the majority of the year which compliments their beautiful mountains and scenic views. Blue Ridge is the ideal vacation or getaway spot whether you are an outdoorsy person or someone who would rather destress and enjoy the peaceful and charming environment. If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some more reasons why you should visit Blue Ridge, Georgia!

The Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge is known for their beautiful, hazy “blue” mountain ranges. They were rated one of the top mountain locations in the South this year. They are popular among visitors but still remain a peaceful and serene environment if you are looking to retreat. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is a popular opportunity for exploring the entirety of its views. It is a 26 mile trip that takes you through the mountain range and even stops at different trails for people to explore further. 

Arts & Culture

Blue Ridge is known for embracing arts and culture within their community. The Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association opened 35 years ago and has been a place for artists of all ages to pursue their artistic talents. The building is an old but unique space that portrays the history of Blue Ridge with its progressive attitude on arts and culture. Not only do they reside in a spacious, old building with several different rooms for rentable studios, but they also work towards hosting art programs and events for the community to enjoy.

Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

There are so many different outdoor activities offered in Blue Ridge. It is one of the main things you will see on every website about the town. Not only are these activities fun for the whole family but they also help to fully experience the outdoor essence of Georgia. The most common are hiking trails throughout the Appalachian. They take you to some of Blue Ridge’s most admired spots. The colors seen in the Fall make it one of the best times to visit, and the sights seen are known to be breathtaking. The waters from Jack River Falls offer fun activities like white water rafting, fishing, or visiting hidden waterfalls among the trails. 

Wineries, Breweries & More!

Blue Ridge is filled with orchards, wineries, and craft breweries to go along with its entertaining atmosphere. They are the perfect spot to go to relax or unwind after a day full of activities. The best reward for a long hike or exhausting outdoor activity is a nice cold drink with your friends to enjoy after. More and more craft breweries are opening up in the area, and seem perfect for any type of gathering. The orchards and vineyards are also great spots for apple picking with friends and family, or wine tasting among the gorgeous views!

Are You Interested in Visiting Blue Ridge, GA?

Blue Ridge is undoubtedly a great place to visit! And it is worth it; whether you are in the area and stop by for the views, or choose to spend a vacation in a rental cabin. It is an old town that is still appreciated today if not more. It is a place that has developed a wide variety of quality moments for friends and family to enjoy.