One memorable experience you can find in Blue Ridge, Georgia is the 26 mile trip on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. This railway was established in 1990, after Blue Ridge citizens decided to preserve what was once a historical depot, and turned it into a Blue Ridge experience for everyone to enjoy. The railway is at the heart of Blue Ridge and goes throughout the scenic wonders of the Appalachian mountains to the border of Tennessee!

The history and beautiful scenery make for a great way to experience and learn about Blue Ridge and its surroundings. The staff on board serve as great tour guides and make the trip even more entertaining! The railway offers a wide range of trip options throughout all four seasons. They say that no one experience is the same as the next, and each trip offers something different. Whichever time you choose to go, there are a variety of opportunities that will guarantee memories that will last.

Spring & Summer

The warmer seasons are great for enjoying outdoor activities with friends and family. Whether you are in the mood for a tour of the calming scenery, or an adventurous day exploring the sights and location stops, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway has both. They also have tour options to enjoy the summer holidays and celebrations as well. The Fourth of July is a popular time to visit and enjoy the Firecracker Special

Fall & Winter

The Fall is a favorable time of the year to visit Blue Ridge. The foliage and combination of fall colors make for breathtaking sights you won’t forget. Whether you decide to enjoy the indoor, comfortable seating or sit in the outdoor car option, both are equally enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. It is a great experience for both family and friend groups! 

The Winter can be just as beautiful and fun as well. Hopping aboard the blue ridge railway is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and celebrate with family and friends. Decorated in Christmas cheer, the Santa Express is great for both children and adults! Santa and his crew join to embrace the holiday spirit. New Years Eve is another popular holiday to celebrate on the Midnight Train. What better way to ring in the new year than celebrating throughout the beautiful and refreshing atmosphere of Blue Ridge.

Rental Cabins & More

If you are looking for an extended vacation trip, there are plenty of places in Blue Ridge to dine in or stay nearby and lodge. The town is filled with wineries, breweries and tasteful restaurants that compliment Blue Ridges charm. There are also several cabins and B&Bs to rent during your stay. If you are struggling to choose where to stay, Blue Ridge Railway has a recommended list of their lodging partners.


Blue Ridge, Georgia is a smaller town, but makes up for it with its interesting background and beautiful scenery. It is no wonder that a great way to experience both is to go on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway! Not only are the views and scenery beautiful to see, the staff and conductors have gotten great reviews! They make the experience even better with their informative, personable and loving personalities.